New Enosburg Business Association Officers

The first meeting of 2020 ushered in a new slate of officers for the Enosburg Business Association.  Many thanks to those who served in 2019, Shawna Lovelette, President; Dianna Benoit Kittell, Vice President; Sarah Tougas, Secretary and Suzanne Hull-Casavant, Treasurer. As presented by the nominating committee and voted at the meeting your 2020 Enosburg Business Association officers are as follows: President: Dianna Benoit Kittell; Vice President: Sandra Ferland; Secretary: Shawna Lovelette; Treasurer: Ian Machia. Many thanks to you all for your time this year. The next EBA meeting will be Tuesday, February 11th at 8am.  Location will be The Quincy Continue reading →