The first meeting of 2020 ushered in a new slate of officers for the Enosburg Business Association.  Many thanks to those who served in 2019, Shawna Lovelette, President; Dianna Benoit Kittell, Vice President; Sarah Tougas, Secretary and Suzanne Hull-Casavant, Treasurer.

As presented by the nominating committee and voted at the meeting your 2020 Enosburg Business Association officers are as follows:

President: Dianna Benoit Kittell;

Vice President: Sandra Ferland;

Secretary: Shawna Lovelette;

Treasurer: Ian Machia.

Many thanks to you all for your time this year.

The next EBA meeting will be Tuesday, February 11th at 8am.  Location will be The Quincy Hotel Lounge.

“Membership will be the first order of business for January”, said incoming President, Benoit Kittell.